Sedi . III . Of Meats and Drink . l8i 
attra & ive Powers , as to indure amongil them the Changes above - mention'd more or lefs , as the tions imprefied upon them ab extra , are intended or remitted . That is , in ihort , That the animal Fluids will more or lefs tend to Corruption or trefaction , according to the Degrees o ! Motion im - prefled upon them by their contrattile Veflels . 
To this Purpofe it appears , That the three leverai Kinds of Motion in the Blood , taken Notice of by Guliiltnini , in his Exercitatio de Sanguinis Natura Q Confiitulione , Seti . 6 . fag . 31 . is very juit and tional . His Diftinétions of the feveral Motions are into what he calls circulary , agitative or confufed , and fermentative : The firll depends upon the Im - pulfe it receives from the Contraction of the Heart , by which it is thrown out of its Ventricles into the Arteries , and by their reciprocal Contrarions and Dilations , carried through its whole Circuit . The fécond is occafion'd by its different Refinances - , for in the very fame Sethon of an Artery , it moves lwif - ter about the Axis , than near the Circumference , by the greater Refiltance it meets with from the Sides of the VelTel , being more retarded there than in the Middle . Whereupon it not only moves with equal Velocities , but has fome of its parts alfo tinually deflected from their firll Directions , and thereby confufedly hurried along , fometimes at the Centre , and fometimes at the Sides . The third ari - fes from the Caufes before - mention'd , and is fore greater or lelTer , as the other increafe or abate . 
This Theory will eafily account , not only for the Contents of the two foregoing Apborifms , but of a great many more likewile of this SeH'ton . See fo Explanat . to Apborifm xlviii , below , and hence without any Difficulty arc deduccable the Reafons qf that Corruption of the Food which frequently hap - 
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