2 Introduction . 
tics , Sympathies and Antipathies , and the like , not bear without Indignation and Scorn to fee thofe great Myfteriesof Phylkk» and that excellent Frame which is its Subject , that beautiful Epitome of the Creation , marked out like a Spot of Earth , or a Piece of Timber , withRule and Compafles : For this Rea - fon , I fay , it is , that by this Introduction is intended an Enquiry into the Means by which we arrive at any Certainty in Phyfick , and to ( hew , that it is not to be dome without fuch Helps - , for 1 cannot but be perfwaded , that the fmall Ptogrefs which has been made in phyficai Knowledge lor a long Space of Time , is ch iefly owing to the Want ofadue tion to thofe Powers and Capacities of the Mind , by which only it is enabled to purfue fuch ries - , otherwife , certainly , fo many , who pretend alio to be no mean Proficients therein , would not take fo much Diñarte at all Pretences of this Kind , as it is common to meet with ; and affirm oft - times , that the Beit talk but learnedly of what they know nothing , and that the whole is meer Guefs - work . It is for the fake of fuch , that I am willing to be at the Pains to convince them that the Fault is not in the Science , by its not affording fufficient Evidences to build any Certainty upon , but in themlelves , in their Ignorance in the Means by which that Certainty is to be obtained . 
And of this I have Hopes in a great Meafurc of fu eccedi ng , by demon ft rating that thofe Rules and Laws of Motion , which we are Hirniihed with from Mecbanicb , are the only Guides we can have in difcovering the Nature and Properties of all terial Subitanee» whatfocvcr , and that by thefe Af - fiftances only , they are knowable with any tainty . And this I much the rather choofe to do in this Place , becaufe our Author , although he com - pofed thofe / . tpborifms , at a Time when this Way

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