Full text: Medicina Statica

viii The PREFACE . 
I bave a great while laboured under a heavy Complaint cf the hook feller y for the Confeßon offomewbat to my Difadvantage in the Clofe of the Preface to the laß Eiìition , which , he tells we , has been a Prejudice to his Preßt s : I fhall therefore for his Sake be fo careful not to difgrace myfelf at this " Time , rjen in my Apology to him , as not to mention what that Fault was . 1 have herein alfo endeavour * d to make / im Amends by large Additionsy both to the Explanations , and to the End of the Rock , cf fame E s s a y s never before in publie , xebieb the Reader will find fome Account of thereunto prefixed . 
BOOKS printed for Thomas Longman , 
Pilarmacvparia Officinalis ( jf Extemf'Orar . ea . Or , A Complete Emgljb Dilpenlatory , in Four Parts . Containing , I . The " i heory of Pharmacy , and the feveral ProcclTes therein . II . A Dcfcription of the Officinal Simples , with their Virtues and Preparations , ( lalemcal and Cbymical . III . The Officinal portions , according to the laß Alterations of the College : Together with fome Others of uncommon Efficacy , taken from the molt Celebrated Authors . IV . Extemporaneous Prescription ; , dillri - buted into Gaffes fuitable to their Intentions in Cure . To which is added . An Account of the Common Adulterations both of Simples and Compounds ; with fome Marks to detcd them by . The Tenth Edition , much enlarged and corre¿ted . 
lexicon Plrjico - Midi cum : Or a new Medicinal Diiiionary , plaining the different Terms ufed in the feveral Branches of the Profeffion , and in fuch Parts of Natural Philofophy as arc intro - duftory thereunto ; with an Account of jhc Things fignified by fuch Terms Colleftcd from the moil eminent Authors ; and particularly thofe who have writ on Mechanical Principles . The Third Edition ; with new Improvements from the late Chymical and Mechanical Authors , 8 * vo . 
Both tiefe by the late Dr Qv incy . 

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