Full text: Medicina Statica

Sedt . II . 0 / Air and Water . 125 
Vibrations , and accelerating the Blood's Motion , is with Certainty to be had from hence . All Difeafes therefore from a fizy Blood , and a Lentor upon the animal Juices , if the Elailicity of the Veflels is not worn out with Age or Debauches , will find Relief from this Practice . Whatfoever Inconveniencies like - wife proceed from a bad Tranfpiration , or when Humours are thrown upon the Surface which cannot get thro' the Skin , this Remedy will be of Service in ; for upon Immerfion , the whole nervous Syftem is fo fliook , that the very Capillaries feel the fluence , and the minuted Paflages are forced open by an incrcafcd Velocity of the circulating Fluids , whereby the Skin will be cleared , and inftcad of entertaining grofs acrimonious Humours , tranfmit only the imperceptible Matter of Perfpiration . And this is the Reafon why People arefo brilk and chearful after bathing ; becaufe fo much is thus forced away by the Prcflure upon the Veflels , and forcing out their Contents . A Perfon two Foot under Water , fuftains a Weight of Water , added to that of Air ( fuppofing the Area , of his Skin to be 15 Foot ) = 2280 lb ; for 2 , the Number of cubical Feet of ter , prefiing upon a Foot Square of the Skin x 76 , the Number of Pounds in a cubical Foot of Water is = 152 * 15 : the fuppofed Number of fquare Feet on the Surface of the Body is = 2280 ft> Troy . 
Tho' it be a generally received Notion , that Batb Water enters into the Body , and fo mixes itfelf with the Blood , * yet few attend to the Manner how it is poflible . That Water hath a wonderful Power of infinuating itfelf into the Body , we fee by a Number of Experiments . Deal - boards will fwell againft rainy Weather , the watry Particles floating in the Air by the Preflure of the Air upon them , arc forced into the ( lender Tubes of the Wood , where they n^eet with no Refiftance , the Particles 

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