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ours , and li - bere their Diet is not fo much upon F . efh as with us \ all which cannot but very much influence all the Evacuations , but efpecially that made by the cutaneous Pajfages . 
To fupply this Defeft , however , we have a Courfe of Experiments and Obfervations made by the fame ment s and Means , from our Countryman Dr Keil of Northampton , a very eminent and learned Pbyfician . , whofe Aphorifms I have therefore tranfiated and added hereunto , with fuch Explanations , and comparative Calculations , as are fufficient to apprife every intelligent P ir fon of the different Influences of different Climates . That Gentleman indeed went not fo far in his ments , when his Medicina Statica Britannica was firfi publifh'd , as he had Thoughts afterwards to do , but we are now unhappily deprived of any more by his Death , and muß remain contented with what are hereunto annexed . 
IVhat I have here inferted by IVay of Introduction , has been a long time the Subject of my Thoughts , and often in my Intentions to make public \ but it falling in fo well with the Contents of the following Sheets , I have therefore contracted it as fhort as I could , on pur - pofe to bind up with them . Mechanical Rea fining is what is much talk'J of now in Phyfic , and by Jome perhaps more than it is well underfiood - , but the great eft Number of Profefjors of Medicine are declared Enemies to it , and make nothing of breaking their J eft s upon Angles , Cylinders , Cones , Celerity , Pcrcuffion , Reliftance , and fuch like Terms , which they fay have no more to do with Phyfic , or a Human Body , than a Carpenter has to do in making Venice Treacle , or curing a Fever . It is therefore for the Information of both thefe , that I have been at the Pains of fhewing what Mechanical Reafoning is , and proving , that all Phyfical Certainty depends upon the fame Principles . 
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