Full text: Medicina Statica

124 Medicina Statica . Sedi . II . 
Caufes of Diftempers and their Cures , and what is abfolutcly ncceflary thereunto , the Mecbanifm of a human Body . See the Explanation to / fpbor . Ixviii , xevi , and cxiii , SeOion i . But for Bathing in particular , it may be here obferved , that cold Baths have been long baniihed out of Medicine by the Ufurpations of Chymiftry , and a Monkiih Philo - fophy : For the Anticnts had them in rhe greateft Eileem ; and fome Improvements of Rcafoning in Phyfick from Geometry and Mcchanicks , have brought them into tolerable good Countenance a - gain : And the prefent Age can furniili us with abundance of noble Cures perform'd by cold ing , which were long attempted in vain by the moil efficacious Medicines . There are hardly any chronick Difeafes but the cold Baths may be made Ufe of to Advantage , if there be nothing peculiar in the Conilituiion to forbid its Ufe ; which is pulency and unfound Vtfcera . In very fat Pcrfons the Fibres are fo Huffed round , that they have not Room to vibrate or contradi with the fudden Squeeze of the Bath - , inilcad therefore of enforcing their Springs , and fluking off any unneccffary brances , they will only be ilraincd to no Purpofe , and confequently weakened ; for wherefoever an fort is made to remove any thing by an elaflick Body , if the firit Exertion fails , every Impetus wards languiihcs , and the Spring is fpoiled . And in unfound / ifcera^ or whereany Part is much weak - er than the reft , fuch an additional Force will prefs the Fluids upon that Part very much to its Damage , which may be either the burfting of the Veffels , or promoting the Difcharge of fome ill mours upon that Part , which otherwife might drain eifewhere . . But where nothing of this Nature bids the Ufe of the cold Bath , whatfoever is to be effected by bracing the Solids , invigorating their 
Vibrations , 

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