Full text: Medicina Statica

vi The PREFACE . 
Life has upon bis Confiitution , may come to a tolerable good Undcrftanding of what will promote , cr injure , ¿ / 'j Health . 11 'here then a Man has , with the utmoft Pains and Fidelity , thorough a Courfe of Obfer - vations upon fach unerring Cuides , av / Z» Certainty lo determine the Ejfeils of all thefe Things upon bis own Per fen , a Communication of them to the IVor Id , with fuch Lights and Jffifiance as may render them eafy and intelligible to an indifferent Capacity , can , I hope , be no unacceptable Prefent . It is already cut of Difputc that Sanctorius has done the former Part , and by this , / have offer'd my befl Endeavours towards the latter . 
I am not a ! all unaware how fvere fame will be hereupon , in requiring hew often they muß weigh them - felves , and whether they ought to eat and drink by the Ounce ? To whom I have only this to fay , " That rius by the Balance , has already done enough to vince any ferions Perfon of the natural Difcharges , and their Proportions to one another , the moft confiderable of which , viz . That ly infenfible Perfpiration was but very little attended to before - , from which , and all the Conf luences of tbofe Difcharges , from the leafl to their greateß Quantities pcßble , any Perfon may fon be a Judge of the prefent State of his Confiitution , without going into a Pair of Scales . And for this lieafon it is , that 1 have not been nice in fearehing into the Exaé / nefs of the Sanctori an Calculations , the End I propos * d being anfwered , by knowing that there are fuch Difcharges , how they are to be influenced , and what will be the Confluences of their Diforders . Bifides , were a Perfon to make Experiments with the Balance , it is not at all likely that they fkould exailly agree with Sa nctor i us'j Accounts , both cur Climate and IVay of Living being fo very different from his . lie was Profejjor at Padua in Italy , a Country much better than 

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