Full text: Medicina Statica

iv The PREFACE . 
Drefis - , as it may generally be obferved in any Science what forcer , that v . hen any thing is advanced and tained by that natural and peculiar way of Thinking , which the mind is fitted to , it will make its Way with every Man of Senfe , as well as with thofe who have been trained up in the Myfieries cf that Science . ledge , indeed , is branched cut into fiver al Channels , all of which have , by the Subtilty cf feme Enquirers , been fur fu cd into finch Intricacies , as makes it very difficult to follow them , and l - y jome have been fio much difguified , as to make it even impcffible to do it ; but when an unprejudiced Pcrfcn is refolved to venture himfiefi upon the Strength only o fi thofie Capacities his Maker has thought jit to befiow upon him , and purfiues his quiries with that Simplicityy and upon fiuch Evidences as the Nature ofi his Subjetl will admit o fi , fio fiar as he advances will be attended with Plainnefis and vintoti , and be as eaftly made appear to any other Per - fon ofi tolerable Sofie , as to the common Stagers of that Subjcfi . 
To this natural and free IVay ofi Enquiry , it is , that Sanctorius has been able to oblige the If'crld with this excellent Colle fi i on ofi A p h or isms . Sometimes , deed , he is very apt to lay hold ofi bis Syftematical Helps \ but it is very remarkable that he is never more obficure than at fiuch Times . lie lays down his Matters ofi Eatl upon fiuch Evidences as cannot deceive ; but when Jeme - times he goes farther , and gives Reafons why it is fio , Le is hardly to be underßcod : ; is when he tells us , That Cold ftrcngthcns robuft Conftitutions , but weakens thofe who arc infirm , there is no body can doubt of the Truth of it ; but when he gives his Rea fon , that Cold drives the natural Heat to the Center in the fior mer , and exhales it in the latter , J believe there are very few e'er the wifier . 

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