Full text: (Band XV.)

.Ra vast 
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V8 .gaq .TÖ81 si/pinrolm 
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•§mno':-»iJ yJeiS .siridlatddVfaO .lorln*. 
■^ö8i nil'ifjH .dmrißojiumiq-jä .elalifv/ 
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sdiia knu dioiUiS 
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ob uiiylTna . in « n i <] o r l 
*'•!? itmimnA . ■ • f o v f 7 
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id--.! ,d: pi-» ftLnifl .3 
T .B98f 
aogrwa'jho V < 111 <> 111 i ä 
.75 geq 
v aiaiuiidO .-lode'// .0 
Colloidturaor (Laennec), Collonema (J. Müller), Sarcoma gelatinosum. 
Tumor fibrocellularis (Paget). Schleimgeschwulst (Virchow). 
Uty -,yp 
•9b ani 
Jlu )luul 
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aus d Nabelnarbe M. Kinder. 
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