ruined: my father saw the too fond affection I bore him, and
immediately confined me. I loved him to madness, and was too
far on that road to retreat; and in consequence, could not rest
tili 1 followed him; I escaped by a rope from a two pair of
stairs window. I then wrote directly to gen. C—d.“
1 assure you, I saw gen. C—d’s letter to her, wherein he
promised upon his word and honour, to protect her tili she
arrived in England. 1 likewise saw several letters from cols. and
other gentlemen of the military, on the same occasion. In fine,
she arrived at Portsmouth three days after his departure for the
Havannah, but alas! poor girl! too late. She sold her jeweis
bracelets, and gold — watch, to defray her expenses; and was
at last reduced to the most cruel and unhappy dilemma: to add
to her distress, she heard, about three days after my acquaintance
commenced with her, that col. T—s was killed at the Havannah,
which was really the case. She wept intolerably, and could not
eat for two or three days: upon my soul, I could not help
weeping myself, on her account; for I think she was beyond
comparison unfortunate. She is now, however, under the pro
tection of the surgeon’s mate.
I am, & c.“
Ein Vergleich des Briefes, der angeblich eine wahre Be
gebenheit enthält, mit Colmans Darstellung der Leidensgeschichte
Florivals zeigt, daß Colman nahezu alle Züge aus seiner Vorlage
verwertet hat. Die abweichende Gestaltung des Ausganges der
Nebenhandlung war jedoch im Hinblick auf den Charakter des
Stückes notwendig.
J ) cf. die Besprechung der Colmanschen Farce in „The British Ma
gazine, Nov. 1763,“ p. 579: „That part of the plot which relates to Made
moiselle Florival, is founded upon fact; the story was sent us from a
correspondent some time ago, and first inserted in the British Magazine;
it was from thence taken into the public papers; and the lady herseif,
who was the heroine, sat in one of the boxes at the first representafion
of this piece - “
3 ) cf. The Deuce is in Him 1,1.


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