Full text: Colley Cibber's Tragicomedy "Ximena or the Heroick Daughter" und ihr Verhältnis zu Corneilles "Cid"

Honour’s the Spring, that moves my active Life, 
And Life’s a Torment. 368/69. 
Long live! and ever glorious live the King! 
O may this glorious Day for ever stand. 406/7. 
Which you’ve so artfully contriv’d to fit. 
Contriv’d my Lord! 547/48. 
Was at the Price of those Embraces bought.. 
Ha! bought? 552/53. 
Kings are, alas, but Men, and form’d like us, 
Subject alike to be by Men deceiv’d. 561/62. 
Whose tortur’d Patience is thy only Friend. 
Thou only to thyself can’st be a Friend. 597/98. 
Pause not for a Reply. 1 know thy Love, 
I know the tender Obligations of thy Heart. 685/86. 
Have you no Fear of what my Wrongs may do? 
Has he no Fear, oft what my Wrongs may do? 742/43. 
I am myself the Judge of what I feel, 
I feel him false, and feeling must resent. 748/49. 
From out this very House alone. 
Alone, and after soon my Lord. 917/19. 
One gave me Life, shal! I not revere him? 
The other is my Life. 877/78. 
Be sure you saw me not. 
Then Ruin’s sure. 926/27. 
And mix’d with fruitless Tears his streming Blood? 
That Blood . . . 1086/87. 
Just is your Grief and your Resentment great 
And great the Victim. 1188/89. 
And shew, like mine, thy Duty scorn’d Assistance. 
Shall 1 then take Assistance . . . 1368/69. 
. . . we meet again to-morrow. 
To-morrow we must meet again. 1399/1400. 
As he has sav’d a Nation from its Foes, 
The Thanks, that Nation owes hime are but just. 1692/93. 
A Right, which l’en your Crown’s oblig’d to grant her. 
The Right of Combat. 1783/84. 
Can’st thou believe Tim pleas’d while 1 persue thee? 
Or think’st thou Firn not pleas’d the King preserv’d thee? 1889/90.

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