Testament (a).
379) .. “alas! weder sali 1 gone?
Sumtyme had I a sone, now af I none“ ...
87) '“Mary magdalan, helpe pou ine!
hy se my sone dye on 3on tre.“
Magdalan sayd : “I can no no|>er rede,
90) I knele and se my lorde nere dede;
fful grete soro has smytyn my harte,
And 31t me rewes f>i paynes smarte . . .
95) Curame with me! I sali f>e bryng
ffro [ns wo and jjis mornyng
In-tylle a tempull here before;
ffor (du has wepyd here full sare . ..."
401) “I had gret ioy wen I hym bare:
Suld I now lewe hym hangand J>are,
And sofur hym so for tq be,
J>at was my myrthe and al jny gle?
5) Magdalan, for sothe vnkynde I were
to go away and lefe hym Jiere.
[icrfore be crose here lyf I wyll,
ffor hys syght had I neuer my fyll;
Sum-tyme wen he lokyd me on,
Lamentacio (Z).
357) ‘1 hedde a sone, nou haue I non, . . .
9) I not in world whoder to gon . . “
85) . . ‘‘Maudeleyn, help now . . .
90) Mi sone is honged on a tre . .
93) Maudeleyn seide: “I con no red,
Care hafi smiten myn herte sore;
I stonde, I seo my lord neih ded,
And f>i wepyng greuef) me more.
97) Cum wij) me! I wol f>e lede
In to f>e temple her be-fore.
J>y Mournynge is bof>e fehle and fede,
ffor f>ou hast now I-wept ful 3ore.“
419) I hedde blisse whon I him bere,
And now def> for-doj» my gle :


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